BCIS Review Online is a tool to help surveyors and other construction professionals provide insurance reinstatement cost assessments, early cost advice, development appraisals or valuations based on current construction prices.

A sub-set of the full BCIS Online Service,  Review Online provides average £/m2 building prices, BCIS tender prices and building cost indices, and location factors along with a brief commentary on market conditions.

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What our customers say

We are a small QS firm working with a variety of clients who often require project costs within the day. A recent architect client of ours was designing a £3.5m development consisting of refurbishments,new builds and offices. He needed to know whether a budget of 3.5 million was correct. By using BCIS Review Online we can give the best early cost advice with confidence, even if we don’t have experience ofa similar sized project.
We are a small QS firm in the North West. We work with a lot of architects on building projects. On a recent project for a new block of apartments, we used BCIS Review Online to quickly establish the ‘Cost per square metre’ was £1,600. We then advised the architect that the building is over designed and he could get the apartments designed and built for less, saving £150,000. Using BCIS gives us a benchmark early on and tells clients the project is feasible and will come in on budget.
Our client had a budget of £500,000 to build a new housing development and needed to be able to sell the apartments for a profit. By using BCIS Review Online we were able to supply early cost advice to establish he could potentially make a £50,000 profit. This allowed the development to go ahead.

BCIS Review Online can help:

  • benchmark – it gives a view of the market and bid comparisons to help ensure that sum costs are in the right ball park
  • provide up-to-date reinstatement costs whatever your field of work
  • give you reassurance – as you are using BCIS data that you can be more confident in profit levels
  • win more business as it provides access to a national database you wouldn’t be able to collate in-house

BCIS Review Online features:

  • You can select average prices from a wide range of building functions within the cost database allow you to use the data in a flexible way to suit your individual project needs.
  • The range of data can be interrogated and scatter diagrams and histograms are available for each building function.
  • Gives you the ability to save cost assessments on the system or send to the client.
  • Selected costs can then be used in a selection of automatic cost calculators for: early cost advice, insurance reinstatement cost assessments, depreciated replacement cost valuations.

A free demo is available or you can buy it online now. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone about your requirements, please call +44(0)24 7686 8433.

Our customers include:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Cost Consultants
  • Local Authorities
  • Building Contractors
  • Property Developers
  • Investors
  • Property Owners
  • Building Surveyors
  • Financial Analysts


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