BCIS PAFI provides a comprehensive, detailed and easy to use method of measuring cost movement for building and civil engineering. They are widely used in the construction and infrastructure sector to help fairly allocate risk between the client and sub-contractors.

They are also known as NEDO, Baxter or Osborne Indices and are widely used on variation of price contracts.

New series 4 now available

  • Price Adjustment Formulae Indices (Civil Engineering including Specialist Engineering) series four.
  • Price Adjustment Formulae Indices (Highways Maintenance) series four.
  • The indices will updated to reflect the current construction methods, specification and procurement and they are published in a way that makes them easy to apply.

The benefits of using the new PAFI Series are:

  • The build-up of some indices has been revised to provide a better fit to their current use in the industry.
  • The introduction of several new indices within the series provides a wider coverage, reflects new techniques and broadens the scope of the indices.
  • Improved structuring of indices within BCIS enables easier navigation.
  • Changes to the naming of some indices reflect industry terminology and improves clarity.

BCIS PAFI can help:

  • aiding transparency between client and contractors, fairly distributing risk
  • allow contractors and sub-contractors to submit competitive tenders in the safe knowledge that any increases in underlying costs will be reimbursed
  • achieve flexibility and accurate forward planning based on price adjustments that take into account future variations
  • allow management of inflationary risk and can offer increased cost certainty at the budgeting stage of the project


  • Widely recognised as the industry standard.
  • Comprises of over 200 indices in four index series (Building, Civil Engineering, Specialist Engineering and Highways Maintenance).
  • You can select from the indices a ‘basket‘ of indices which reflect the nature of the project.
  • Download indices to use in your own system.

Our customers include

Quantity Surveyors Cost Consultants Estimator
Programme Management Project Controllers Project Management
Design Management Development Management Asset Management
Local Authorities Civil engineers

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