Building costs around the world

A glossary explaining the need for building costs or construction costs, the RICS involvement with building costs, and an extensive, growing list of websites showing building costs from a wide range of countries.


Building or construction costs are essential for anyone who is intending to build or rebuild to help budget and plan the work accordingly.  If you are obtaining estimates for building work or have instructed a builder to carry out some construction work, they will refer to price books to help them decide how much the materials and labour are likely to cost.  Building costs are also needed for insurance purposes. 

Why is RICS involved with building costs?

RICS is involved with building costs because they are an essential part of much of the varied work that surveyors do, such as construction, valuation, commercial and residential property, quantity surveying, procurement, and the public sector.

BCIS is our Building Cost Information Service and is the leading provider of cost information to the construction industry and anyone else who needs comprehensive, accurate and independent data

Free building costs information for many countries:

Other sources for building costs information:

Central Europe


International search for cost reports

Gardiner & Theobald provide tender price indicator, international construction cost survey, budget reviews and other economics publications. 

Fordaq is a global online market for wood professionals and provides extensive timber pricing information  

The 2009 BCIS International Cost Elements Enquiry Report facilitates the comparison of building cost data between different countries.

Eurostat's Construction Cost Index (CCI) provides detailed up-to-date data, tables and trends in costs incurred by contractors in the construction of buildings in the European Union.

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