Guide to buying a property in Spain

Are you considering an investment in a sunny country? A new 'Guide to Buying a Property in Spain' released at Barcelona Meeting Point 2015 has all the information you'll need and much more.


Why this guide?

This guide is a simple but exciting story, about a British couple who buy a house in Spain. Frank and Diane, have dreamed about this home for a long time. They have talked about it, planned it and saved for it. But they are worried because they have heard about people who had the same dream and it all went wrong. Some lost money, some bought unsafe or illegal houses.

Thankfully none of this happened to Frank and Diane - but it could've done.

Case studies and practical advice

This guide features case studies and articles about investing in Spanish property:

  • Frank and Diane share their experience: from the property search to the final choice
  • Where to invest in Spain: how Spanish regions and environments differ from one another
  • Local contracts explained: how to buy safely and avoid risk

All the steps involved in the process of buying a house in Spain are clearly developed and explained thanks to the expertise of RICS, AIPP and RDE which have met and advised thousands of people over the past 10 years.

About AIPP

The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) is a not-for-profit organisation operating in the international property market and based in Westminster, London. The AIPP has over 350-corporate members in 28-countries around the world, including estate agents, developers, lawyers, banks, media, technical, advisory and other international property professionals.

About Registradores de España

Colegio Nacional de Registradores de España, usually shortened to Registradores de España (RDE), is the Spanish Registrars Association, a public and legal body that brings together all the Land and Companies Registrars in Spain. These registrars are public officers and legal professionals responsible for monitoring the legality of documents authorised by notaries, issued by judges and administrative authorities, or signed by individuals, to ensure that only completely valid documents can be registered.

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