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Its title comes from our motto: est modus in rebus – 'there is measure in all things'.

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  • The India issue
    Planning & development

    The India issue

    Is the world's biggest democracy finally coming of age? In a special India-themed issue, we profile the projects and speak to the surveyors that are transforming the country.

  • The fast issue
    Planning & development

    The fast issue

    The world’s megacities are growing fast. So fast that governments, developers and planners are struggling to keep up. How can surveyors make a difference?

  • The public issue

    The public issue

    In this month’s Modus we’re turning our attention to the public sector, and chiefly to the world of infrastructure – possibly the most exciting area of opportunity for surveyors of all disciplines working today.

  • The transparency issue

    The transparency issue

    A prospective client is about to sign a lucrative contract, but at the last minute asks for an ‘additional payment’. What do you do?

  • The power issue

    The power issue

    How will the balance of power – geopolitical, industrial and economic – shift over the coming years? And how will this affect the profession?

  • The play issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The play issue

    This issue launches an evolved new look for Modus, with even more practical and inspiring content.

  • The food issue

    The food issue

    Enough on our plates?

  • The space issue
    Commercial property

    The space issue

    When we think of the built environment, we tend to think in concrete terms of
    buildings and the infrastructure connecting them. But underlying this is something arguably more important: the space that these things occupy.

  • The extremes issue

    The extremes issue

    There’s no profession that’s quite as varied and wide-ranging as surveying: RICS members can be found deep underground, working on massive tunnelling projects; they can be found at high-speed race circuits, constructing facilities for thousands of spectators; and they can even be found in shops, museums and homes, valuing artworks and antiques worth millions of pounds.

  • The 2025 issue

    The 2025 issue

    The 2025 issue of Modus looks at the future for surveyors and also for RICS itself. From cloud computing to more efficient ways of delivering construction projects, we take a look ahead.

  • The cities issue
    Residential property

    The cities issue

    Just as the car made the 20th century the ‘century of the suburbs’, it looks like a combination of factors – including a booming world population, rising global living standards and concerns over the long-term sustainability of our daily transport habits – could make the 21st century the ‘century of the city’.

  • The oil issue

    The oil issue

    In this global issue of the RICS magazine, we’re exploring our relationship with the black gold: the opportunities that it presents for us professionally; where we are still finding it; and the challenge that we face in weaning ourselves on to other sources of power. And in our cover story, we ask how we would all be affected if a ‘black swan’ event, such as a tanker collision at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, led to a sudden and prolonged rise in the price of oil.

  • The temporary issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The temporary issue

    Does a building have to be permanent? For centuries, permanence (or something like it) has been an implicit promise of almost any new building. Without it, how could we justify the expense of construction? But today, we make decisions in a much more accurate and well-informed way, and as a result, the idea of the temporary building – not to mention flexible office space and the pop-up retail lease – is having its day.

  • The China issue
    Commercial property

    The China issue

    In this global issue, we’re exploring the many facets of China and its economy, from the booming commercial and residential property sectors to the country’s newfound focus on infrastructural investment. We also explore the UK housing crisis and the pros and cons of modular construction.

  • The materials issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The materials issue

    In this global issue of Modus, we’ve turned our attention to the changing nature of construction materials, with a collection of products that could change our world, and the surveyor’s job, over the next decades.

  • The sports issue
    Commercial property

    The sports issue

    In this issue of Modus, we look at surveyors in the sports sector, covering the investment, construction and property aspects.

  • The danger issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The danger issue

    This issue, we’re discussing some of the most significant challenges and threats facing the surveying profession, with insights and experiences from leading UK and global practitioners.

    We’re also taking the opportunity to look at threats and dangers of a much more immediate and physical nature, and how RICS members deal with working in potentially hazardous environments right across the world.

  • The learning issue
    Management consultancy

    The learning issue

    Focused learning and acquired experience have long been the bedrock of surveying. And in our fast-changing world, it’s this rock-solid foundation of proven skills that is helping chartered surveyors play an ever more important role in the global economy.

  • The carbon issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The carbon issue

    In this issue of Modus, we look at the levels of embodied carbon in our built environment.

    And while it’s clear that there is still a long way to go in CO2 reduction, it’s also clear that we’re not lacking the expertise and passion required to get us there.

    The question is: can we do it all in time?

  • The virtual issue

    The virtual issue

    This issue we take a closer look at these cutting-edge virtual technologies in surveying and celebrate the new frontiers that they are creating.

    But how have they really changed the fundamentals of surveying?