Agricultural land in the UK takes up over three quarters of the total land area and contributes over £5.6bn to the economy making pricing information for this area vitally important. Agriculture now employs only 1.7% of Britain’s workforce but due to intensive farming techniques still provides 60% of the country’s total food needs.


RICS and Government sources

We produce pricing information in this area with our Rural Market Survey. Further information was available from Farmland Market but this publication has now ceased. An RICS / Royal Agricultural College Farmland Market Directory of Land Prices is now available twice yearly for all RICS Members.

The Government gives further information for this sector. This includes the Valuation Office Agency Property Market Report  which contains information on agricultural land and the property market and the Forestry Commission Timber Price Indices, which gives price indices for the Coniferous Standing Sales Price Index and for the Softwood Sawlog Price Index.

There are also numerous farming statistics produced by DEFRA, which give National and Official Statistics on the structure of the farming industry including crop areas, yields and production, livestock populations, detailed labour force figures.

Other sources

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