Surveyors acting as adjudicators in the construction industry, 4th edition

This guidance note applies to our professionals who are either nominated by RICS or another adjudicator nominating body (ANB), or appointed directly by the parties, to adjudicate disputes relating to works carried out under a construction contract and works carried out under a contract to which the Construction Act does not apply, but under which the parties have agreed a contractual mechanism to enable them to adjudicate disputes.

It is also intended to assist the parties and those acting for them by making them aware of the procedures likely to be followed in an adjudication.

It includes:

  • A general introduction
  • Appointment and acceptance
  • Nomination by RICS
  • Appointment by the parties
  • Objections to nomination/appointment
  • Powers and duties of the adjudicatoe
  • Establishing the procedure
  • Evidence
  • Other procedural matters
  • The adjudicator's decision