The RICS HomeBuyer Service can now be offered with or without a valuation. This professional statement accompanies the RICS HomeBuyer (Survey) Service which does not include a valuation.

This professional statement and accompanying documentation set out mandatory requirements and best practice guidelines for members carrying out an RICS HomeBuyer (Survey) Service.

If a client requires a valuation as part of the standard service, they should be advisd to commission an RICS HomeBuyer (Survey & Valuation) Service, which can only be undertaken by a surveyor who is a member of the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

Although the professional statement is effective from 12 September 2016, there will be a transitional period for members to familiarise themselves with the documentation. The transitional period ends on 30 November 2016. Up to this date either the old or new report formats may be used.

Important Information: The transitional period has now been extended. The old or new report formats may be used until further notice.

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