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Red Book

RICS Valuation - Professional Standards (the 'Red Book') contains mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary for all members undertaking asset valuations.

The Red Book is issued by RICS as part of our commitment to promote and support high standards in valuation delivery worldwide. The publication details mandatory practices for RICS members undertaking valuation services. It also offers a useful reference resource for valuation users and other stakeholders.

Red Book Valuation Solutions

From additional valuation insight and knowledge from isurv Valuation, through to Red Book training and events, RICS provides you with a number of solutions to your valuation issues. 

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    Red Book 2017

    The new edition of the Red Book — the RICS Valuation, Global Standards 2017, takes effect from 1 July 2017, the same date as the IVS 2017 published earlier this year.

  • Valuation

    Red Book 2014 in full

    RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (the 'Red Book') January 2014 (published in November 2013). A correction was issued in December 2013.

    The RICS material included in the January 2014 edition took effect from 6 January 2014 and applies to all valuations where the valuation date is on or after that day.

    The UK and global portions are now issued separately.