Benefits of SKA

SKA rating helps organisations to make informed decisions about fit-out projects in the context of the growing importance of sustainability on the corporate agenda, and a burgeoning statute book.

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SKA rating is designed to be of particular use for occupiers but has benefits for other property stakeholders, including landlords, developers, consultants, fit-out contractors, and members of the supply chain.


For occupiers and tenants

Measure sustainability impact accurately
First system, which measures 100% of the sustainability of your fit-out and decides what is most important. The rating is influenced entirely by what you choose to do, not by what has been done in the past.
Manage the bottom line A decision-making tool which ranks the different aspects of a fit-out based on what will have the biggest impact on sustainability. It can be used to help the design team achieve maximum sustainability for a given budget.
Follow good practice Help achieve a measure of sustainability for fit-outs.
Legal/statutory compliance Help to ensure company directors, in line with Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, to promote the success of the company and have a  'regard to the impact of the company's operations on the community and the environment'.
Helps with the decision-making process Rates what is actually important and makes the biggest impact in terms of sustainability, adding another dimension beyond cost and quality to assess fit-out projects.
Are you ISO 14001 accredited? A SKA certificate helps you ensure that a fit-out project is rated accurately and can be used to support your environmental management system.
Customer, investor and stakeholder perception A SKA rating certificate demonstrates that your company takes sustainability seriously and has achieved a standard with your property. This can feature in annual reports, environmental policy or tender documentation, or be displayed in a building.
Staff engagement Many employees increasingly place a value on a company's green credentials, and wish to work in high-quality spaces. A SKA rating can be used to reinforce staff morale and complements other CSR activity.

For developers and landlords

  • Use SKA rating to set targets, use the formal assessment process to assure yourself that target performance standards are met, and finally use the certificate to report performance to stakeholders 
  • Benchmark the sustainability of fit-outs across a portfolio of buildings 
  • Include the use of the RICS SKA rating in 'Green Lease' provisions to help drive up the sustainability of properties or protect a building already certified under a whole building assessment method 
  • Sustainability increasingly makes good business sense. Research demonstrates an expected increase in the asset value of labelled low-carbon buildings compared with standard speculative buildings 
  • (see RICS research into US commercial offices Doing Well by Doing Good) 

For consultants

  • Embed SKA rating in your standard processes to demonstrate that you follow a sustainable specification and procurement process for fit-outs   
  • Use the SKA rating tool and datasheets to support the delivery of professional advice to clients on good practice in sustainable fit-outs, and to assess their designs and projects 
  • Offer SKA rating certificated assessments to clients who wish to demonstrate they have achieved a more sustainable fit-out through the SKA rating accredited assessors scheme

For contractors

  • Use the assessment process and related guidance to make your design, specification, procurement and construction practices more environmentally sustainable 
  • Demonstrate your sustainability credentials to clients and consultants by making the targeting of standards under SKA rating part of your standard tender process

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