Building Conservation Journal May–June 2018

Barney Hatt

Editor, Building Surveying Journal & Building Control Journal (RICS)

Why does so much training relate to new-build when a quarter of UK buildings are of traditional construction?


This is the question asked by Rory Cullen in the opinion piece that kicks off the latest Building Conservation Journal. Clearly, conservation practice demands considerable skill and experience – in particular when conducting five-yearly inspections of churches and other historic buildings. In this issue’s main article, Jonathan Taylor details the proficiencies required for these quinquennial inspections.

Sharing such skills and collaborating with other professionals is essential in protecting our built heritage, and this approach contributed to the successful recent restoration of the central courtyard at the Apothecaries Hall in Blackfriars, London, which Marcus Poole covers in an in-depth case study.

Fortunately for conservation practitioners, the journal is always on hand to offer advice on practical skills as we continue our series of Materials Information Sheets with a look at earth-built structures, while our update includes details of new guidance, proposals and consultations.

And if there are specific skills or other topics you’d like us to cover, don’t forget that you can always get in touch.

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