Building Surveying Journal July–August 2017

Barney Hatt

Editor, Building Surveying Journal & Building Control Journal (RICS)

Robots have taken over the cover of Building Surveying Journal – but will they take over from building surveyors themselves?


In this issue, Craig MacDonald looks at the implications of artificial intelligence for the human surveyor, while Graeme Phipps shows how satellite-based remote sensing is already helping professionals by monitoring ground movement in London.

Building information modelling (BIM) is another technology that features prominently in this edition, and Emma Vigus and Philip Tansley look at how cyber liability insurance and risk management apply to the technology. Shelby Green also explains how laser scanning can be used with BIM in surveying buildings and John Staves describes his experience of using BIM in a small practice.

As well as technology, off-site construction techniques offer considerable potential for expediting projects, and Andy King explains how to make best use of such modular methods. Elsewhere, Kevin Woudman explains how independent experts can offer an effective way of resolving disputes, and Paul Phillips details how you can deal with asbestos encountered unexpectedly during refurbishment projects.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas about the sector and the journal itself, so please do get in touch with me.

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