Building Surveying Journal March–April 2018

Barney Hatt

Editor, Building Surveying Journal & Building Control Journal (RICS)

On 1 April, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards come into force in England and Wales.


In this issue of Building Surveying, Mat Lown outlines the implications of the standards, while Christopher Sullivan looks at the potential impact they could have on dilapidations claims.

In other sustainability-related articles, co-author of the recently published Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment Simon Sturgis reviews this RICS professional statement, Sara Wilkinson and Fiona Orr demonstrate why green roofs are good for your health and wellbeing, and Jessica Lamond considers flooding resilience strategies.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, Anthony Taylor and Richard Edwards also offer a detailed rundown of roles and responsibilities for ensuring safety, and Ken Creighton talks about progress in the past year to establish standards for the profession, as well as the work that lies ahead.

Elsewhere, the first case involving building information modelling (BIM) has been through the courts, so Laurence Cobb assesses the implications, while Andy Radley explains why using BIM in refurbishment projects is a less straightforward proposition than it is for new builds.

As always, I welcome your thoughts about the sector and the journal itself, so please do get in touch with me.

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