Building Surveying Journal May–June 2018

Barney Hatt

Editor, Building Surveying Journal & Building Control Journal (RICS)

To ensure a consistent global approach on a critical matter, RICS is part of a coalition working to establish International Fire Safety Standards.


In an article in this issue, Gary Strong, RICS Global Building Standards Director details the important work that this coalition has been doing, and in another he looks at the value of installing or retrofitting sprinklers in all buildings. In a similar vein, Simon Sandland-Taylor highlights some of the most significant changes to guidance made in BSI’s revised standard on fire detection and alarm systems.

Also on the agenda is urban resilience: Sara Wilkinson clarifies what the term means and what surveyors need to know in the first of two pieces on the subject. Elsewhere in this edition, Karen Rogers outlines RICS initiatives to encourage future talent, Anthony Walker explains how data can best be harnessed to boost output, and Diego Alves rounds up the various types of building facade.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas about the sector and the journal itself, so please do get in touch with me.

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