With economies across the world, and particularly in Asia, building new transport networks at a blistering pace, many chartered surveyors are being attracted to the infrastructure sector. But just how different is it to work at the massive scale of railways, interchanges and bridges, rather than at that of individual buildings?

Modus Asia Q2 2016

In this edition’s lead story, we speak to a selection of surveyors who are already thoroughly engaged in the sector to find out more about the specific challenges that infrastructure offers the built environment professional, and what it takes to truly succeed.

Asia in focus

Also in this edition, we celebrate the success of the winners at the 2016 RICS Awards, Hong Kong. Each submission for the thirteen categories was scrutinised by a jury representing a broad spectrum of markets, and yet again the awards have proven to be a showcase for teamwork, professionalism, innovation, outcomes and achievement.

Meanwhile, in our regular debate slot we have CBRE’s Henry Chin and Cushman & Wakefield’s Sigrid Zialcita discussing the best outward investment strategies for Asian investors, and in our legal column, Leo Lo Ming-Yan MRICS looks at the legal context surrounding the growing practice of crowdfunding.

Finally, in our careers-focused My Way interview this issue, we meet Ada Fung MRICS, senior director, sales management and strategic advisory at CBRE Hong Kong to find out how she reached her current position, and her plans for the future.

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