Modus Asia edition, Q2 2017

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

The world’s cities are turning into megacities at lightning pace, putting pressure on living space and conditions, zoning and infrastructure. To avoid a dystopian urban nightmare, what forms of leadership do we need in cities and where will this leadership come from?

In this month’s cover feature, we ask a select panel of expert urbanists what are the strengths and weaknesses of city mayors? How do you make long-term infrastructure plans without losing direction? And what role can city administrations play in responding to housing trends and macro-economic forces?

Asia in focus

Also in this edition, we honour all the winners of this year’s RICS Awards, Hong Kong. Our regular debate feature ponders whether China’s Tier 2 cities are now outperforming those in Tier 1. Managing Director of Asterisk Realty & Placement Agency Yukihiko Ito assesses the long-term impact of shifts in Japan’s demographics on the country’s real estate industry.

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