Modus Asia edition, Q2 2018

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

In this issue, we look at a variety of topics, from the impact of self-driving cars on cities and infrastructure, to the technological possibilities of air-purification technology, and the possible ramifications of blockchain on how we measure and trade real estate.

Modus Asia edition, Q2 2018

Will the arrival of the self-driving car be all good news — or are we just drifting into a world even more dominated by the car? In our cover feature this month, we explore some of the possible futures for automated vehicles, speaking to experts in the field about how they may affect cities, infrastructure and real estate in both positive and negative ways.

Also this issue: First we had smartphones, then smart buildings, and now smart technology is converging with urban planning. Ideas such as real-time accident detection, dynamic messaging signs and passenger drones all sound brilliant, but what does it all really look like in practice, and how much of it is feasible?

Finally, we’re taking some time out to celebrate the winners of the RICS Awards 2018 for Hong Kong and mainland China. As usual, the field of entrants was very strong, but the expert panel of judges has selected a final list of winners that exemplifies the very best of the industry.

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