The Air Issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

More than ever in this shrinking world, a country’s economic growth is dependent on strong airport infrastructure, so if they are to thrive, it’s vital that they plan and deliver airports that are fit for the future. But how can we build that infrastructure in time?

In this month’s cover feature, we look at the global challenge of constructing the airport infrastructure that will be needed for the next 100 years, talk to RICS members helping to make it happen, and stack up the costs of getting plans off the ground ... or not.

Also in this month’s issue

You must be choking: air pollution has become one of the world’s biggest killers, and nowhere is the problem more acute than in our cities. What are city leaders doing to tackle it, and isn’t it about time that built environment professionals got involved?

Room to breathe: when space is tight and houses are hard to come by, can co-living be a genuine alternative to renting or owning your own private apartment? Or is it merely a short-term trend driven by a lack of affordable housing?

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