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Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

In order to keep global warming to below two degrees, the built environment sector needs to reduce its carbon emissions by 84 billion tonnes by 2050 – that’s equivalent to taking 22,000 coal-fired power stations offline.

Modus — this is what 22,000 looks like

It’s a massive challenge, but the sector is facing up to its responsibilities. In our lead feature this edition, we look at the commitments that have been made, and the ways in which professionals across the sector can all play their role.

Elsewhere, we examine the interplay between shiny new infrastructure and the very real financial benefits that it conveys upon the real estate around it. Are there better ways to make this uplift help pay for the massive initial expense of infrastructure, and what can we learn from masters in this approach, such as MTR in Hong Kong?

Finally, we also meet a number of surveyors who specialise in everything that is NOT shiny and new – the heritage experts who protect the gems of our built environment, from Kew Gardens in London to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

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  1. Anywhere i can get a PDF download of this issue? Many thanks!

    Jamie Smith Jamie Smith, 4 July 2016 4 at 11:09AM

  2. Hi Jamie,

    To download a PDF, view the cash issue on the issuu website ( ), scroll down and click "Share" and then a download link will appear.


    Rory Tufano
    RICS Digital Content Editor

    Rory Tufano Rory Tufano, 4 July 2016 4 at 14:25PM

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