The Disruption issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

After a turbulent 12 months that’s seen the UK decide to leave the EU and the US elect the controversial Donald Trump as President, we’re capping off the year with a highly appropriate theme: disruption.


In our lead feature, technology journalist Charles Arthur takes look at the future potential for AI to disrupt many of the skilled professions – including surveyors. After being much-hyped in the late 60s and 70s, and then largely forgotten about for 30 years, the technology is finally coming of age… and it could be coming after our jobs.

Also in this edition

  • Smart cities may be exciting, but they are also vulnerable to being over-hyped. We investigate the realities of the technology today, and where it’s making a real difference to urban living.
  • Off-site construction up-ends traditional housebuilding, reducing errors and speeding up the delivery of much needed homes. Has its time come at last?
  • As digital technology races ahead, are estate agents in danger of being outpaced – and replaced?

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