The Work Issue - November 2017
The Work Issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

Anyone nearing retirement today is likely to have seen some serious changes in the workplace. Computers (remember the days when ‘the’ office PC had to be booked in advance?) have made us responsible for our own admin. Partition walls have come crashing down as we move to open-plan workspaces. And email has turned the overflowing in-tray into the overflowing in-box.

Oliver Parsons, Editor Modus

So given that the pace of change is, if anything, speeding up, what changes will those entering the workforce today see over the next few decades? 

This issue, we’re taking a look at just that question, with a special report on the future of work.

For example, we assess how the workplace itself is changing from just a passive environment for work into an active participant in work. We also consider the trend toward the so-called ‘gig economy’, whereby the long-term committments and benefits of permanent employment are replaced with the uncertainty of taking each ‘gig’ as it comes. 

And as for that exciting thing that is meant to come after a lifetime of dedicated toil, we consider how much of a future the idea of retirement really has.

Also in this edition: 

Passivhaus might be a great way to build super-efficient, eco-friendly homes, but are its exacting standards too expensive to work for volume housebuilders?

And we also celebrate this year’s fantastic winners of the RICS Awards UK, across categories including regeneration, community benefit, infrastructure, tourism and leisure, residential, building conservation, commercial and design through innovation. Great work, everyone.

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