Property Journal March–April 2018

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

These are exciting times at RICS, as we get into the swing of the organisation’s 150th birthday celebrations. But in this anniversary year, we also face the future.


This issue of Property Journal therefore looks ahead, arguing that degree courses for surveyors should be made more international, and detailing how the APC pathways and competencies have been updated. Articles also consider the role of artificial intelligence in real estate and ponder what self-driving cars could mean for retail. In light of the need to create a more sustainable future as well, Sara Wilkinson explains the role facilities managers can play in the move towards a circular economy.

With an ageing society in most of the developed world, understanding how to help older people stay safe and comfortable in their homes will become vital – Mike Parrett outlines the key problems. Exploring a different facet of safety, Bradley Parker goes on to make the case for better maintenance in fire protection.

If you are passing through our London HQ this year, be sure to visit the RICS 150 exhibition in the library; the array of fascinating items on display will be changed every few months. And wherever you are based, don’t forget to donate to RICS' Pledge150 Campaign, and consider whether you could do something to raise funds towards 150 new beds for homeless people across the UK.

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  1. Dear Claudia

    My Article on "Housing Shortage - What went Wrong" was published in the April/May Land Journal. It appears to me that its content is entirely apposite for the Property Journal also, and that you would give consideration also to its publication. Mike Swain has suggested this might be under consideration.


    Michael Sander FRICS

    M 07855428286

    Michael Sander Michael Sander, 11 April at 19:58PM

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