Property Journal May–June 2018

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

Technology takes pride of place in this issue.


With proptech becoming more than just a buzzword and moving into use across multiple disciplines, we look at the challenges of securing smart buildings against cyber threats, the lessons that the technology industry has for facilities management, and the future of residential property.

There are also important updates on RICS’ work in ethics and a progress report on the International Property Measurement Standards, with exciting developments as the movement for global consistency gains momentum.

Elsewhere in this issue, research on flooding advice from around the world prompts reflection on what surveyors can do to help their commercial clients manage risk amid misinformation and lack of clarity over responsibilities. Meanwhile, Daniel Montlake and Sivan Gelb put a positive spin on the effect of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) on asset value, and Melanie Kendall-Reid considers the residential aspect of MEES. We also continue the theme of housing older people, with a perspective from Age UK.

Don’t forget, too, that this summer sees an exciting new RICS Digital Built Environment Conference on 21 June as well as the flagship RICS Residential Conference 2018 on 4 July. Be sure to book your places so you don’t miss out on these essential events – we hope to see you there.

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