BIM for business management: Meeting information requirements

Alan Muse FRICS

Director of Built Environment Professional Groups (RICS)

Information related to cost, time and operations drives construction project decision-making. As such, cost, project and facility management professionals should be at the centre of the BIM conversation.

BIM 3D prototype - Modus

However, BIM conversations still tend to be design-centric. It’s increasingly imperative for business management professionals to open conversations with clients and the design team at early project stages to ensure that their information requirements are met.

Stay engaged

We’ve developed useful guidance in this area.

In addition, chartered surveyors operating in this arena will need to engage with and influence the technologists who are developing solutions for 4D, 5D and 6D BIM. We, as recommended in our Futures Report, have begun to engage with major software providers in order to define these requirements.

Standard classifications, such as NRM and the emerging ICMS will be important in this debate.

Taking it up a level

As Level 2 BIM matures towards Level 3, the integration of design and business management data and information will be key in releasing efficiencies for project professionals and improving the performance of the industry.

On 24 January at the Annual BIM Conference, I will be speaking on how professional standards can improve business management using BIM and why professionals and technologists need to collaborate more to achieve this.

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Watch my presentation from last year's Annual BIM Conference

Stay updated on all our latest standards, guidance, research and training related to BIM on our PropTech dashboard.

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