Driving a vibrant property marketplace in Northern Ireland

Dr Patrice Cairns

Policy Manager, Northern Ireland (RICS)

Looking ahead to the Northern Ireland Assembly Election on the 5 May 2016, we're calling on the political parties to recognise the role of property, across housing, planning and development, construction and infrastructure, in our Northern Ireland Manifesto 2016 ‘Investing 4 Growth’.

'Investing 4 Growth' aims to support the Northern Ireland Executive in creating an enabling environment for investment, growth and private sector enterprise across the four major pillars of land, property, construction and infrastructure. These key sectors are fundamental elements of economic activity, whether driving efficiencies or planning for growth.

We believe that innovative growth in Northern Ireland must be supported by a matrix of four interlocking critical investment strands:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Grade A office space
  3. Housing
  4. High-level skills

With the power to set a rate for corporation tax, approved for devolution to the Assembly, and the announcement of an agreed date and rate-set in the Fresh Start Deal, the Northern Ireland Executive must ensure a coherent competitive package is supported across this matrix to unlock the timely and competitive benefits of a reduced rate.

Manifesto development

The recommendations put forward in 'Investing 4 Growth' emerge from the views and insights of our members across Northern Ireland. They shared with us their professional insight into the biggest challenges currently facing the four key sectors, and what facilitated solution-based recommendations a future Nortern Ireland Executive should adopt.

We look forward to working with members, industry, this Northern Ireland Executive (and the next), to share industry expertise and our members’ insight in order to address some of the biggest challenges facing Northern Ireland.

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