Ensuring a prosperous and well connected future for Wales

David Morgan

Policy Manager (RICS)

We're calling on all parties to recognise the role property professionals can play in driving forward economic growth, addressing key long and short term Infrastructure needs and helping achieve social goals, in our Wales Manifesto 2016 ‘Building 4 the Future'.

Cardiff, Wales

It's important that all the key developments in devolution are brought together. This means coordinating city deals in Wales, with those in England in particular, to leverage the maximum benefit both from them and from electrification of the main line between London and Swansea.

In addition improving transport linkages between South Wales and Bristol, and between North Wales and Manchester and Liverpool, will enable property led growth to be a driving force in the future prosperity of Wales.

Growth in Wales

Growth in Wales must be supported by action across the following areas:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Planning
  • Housing
  • Addressing the skills gap

The right actions in the next few years have the potential to bring major gains for the long term prosperity of Wales. Infrastructure and housing are priority issues that must be addressed by a strategic planning approach. Policymakers must prioritise accelerated delivery of transport infrastructure to facilitate growth, drive investment and enable private delivery.

Co-ordination between the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan, and the new commission chaired by Lord Adonis would facilitate informed and strategic decision making by aligning sector solutions and boosting the leverage of both to attract private sector investment to compliment them.

Our manifesto was launched on Monday 22 February 2016 at Craft in Cardiff  Bay:

craft_cardiff_welshmanifestolaunch_210316_rtManifesto launch at Craft, Cardiff Bay. Left to right: Professor Fiona Grant FRICS, Helen Kane FRICS, Llyr Huws Gruffydd AM, Mark Isherwood AM.

Manifesto analyses

The manifestos are in, but what can we expect?

Our manifesto analyses assess each parties offer and potential impact on the land and built environments. We have developed a table (downloadable below) outlining key pledges under sector headings. Additionally, we've also summarised what we can expect from the next Welsh Goverment.

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