General Election 2017: Our priorities for the built environment

Lewis Johnston

Parliamentary Affairs Manager (RICS)

With the country heading to the polls on 8 June for the second time in two years, the political parties are in the midst of campaigning for what has already been dubbed “the Brexit election”.

Whilst the UK’s exit negotiations are important, we must not lose sight of the challenges we face across, housing, infrastructure and construction.

That’s why we have set out our priorities for the built environment that the next Government should focus on.

Our manifesto

On infrastructure, our election manifesto urges the next Government to boost spending and work closely with private sector partners to unleash funding.

On housing, under-utilised delivery vehicles like Local Authorities and Housing Associations need to be given the tools and freedom they need to ramp up supply.

And on devolution, we need regional decision-makers to have the powers and funding required to rebalance the UK’s economic geography.

Throughout the campaign and beyond polling day, we are working with all parties to ensure these issues are at the heart of the political debate.

Comments (2)

  1. The railway to Plymouth and Penance is what concerns us in the SW.

    Francis Bettison.

    Francis Bettison Francis Bettison, 22 May at 13:45PM

  2. Manchester City has benefited from significant funds and investment during recent years however, the once beautiful Piccadilly Gardens (city centre) has become a grey concrete Jungle, created by greedy developers and an out of touch City Council. I hope the next political party will be more sympathetic towards creating an interesting and aesthetically pleasing environment for their constituents. Safe provision for pedestrians and cyclists would be a good start.

    Anthony Cathcart Anthony Cathcart, 3 June at 21:00PM

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