Introducing the Home Safety Certificate and its benefits

Graham Ellis MRICS

Associate Director Residential (RICS)

I recently attended an event which profiled the recently launched Home Safety Certificate. The event showcased and promoted debate on the certificate and the package of supporting guidance.

Georgian mews house in central London

Home safety is of particular interest to our professionals practising in the social and private rental sector, and to those specialising in undertaking home surveys and valuations.

I’ve regularly contributed to roundtables relating to this subject. In 2014 I delivered a presentation at a Home MOTs at an All-Party Parliamentary Home Safety and Carbon Monoxide Group seminar. I always aim to engage our members into the group; especially those in the Buy-to-Let sector.

Reporting on services has always been an area fraught with difficulty for residential surveyors and valuers, and I can see real benefit for stakeholders and our members specialising in other areas such as property management.
It’ll also be a benefit for consumers to have an authenticated document which can be relied upon in terms of gas, electrics, solid fuel and oil safety, carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and legionella risk.

Although the home safety certificate is not yet officially endorsed it is something that our professionals may come across with increasing frequency.

View the Home Safety Certificate and home safety documents

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