A vision for the heart of the UK's economy

Abdul Choudhury

London Policy Officer (RICS)

Working with our members and fully embracing our public interest mandate, we've developed our ‘Vision for London’ to advise the next Mayor on the issues affecting London's built environment.

City Hall, London

London is at the heart of the UK’s economy and property is at the heart of London. Though the GLA and the Mayor of London already play an active role shaping the city, whether that’s through TfL, development corporations, planning decisions, housing strategy, infrastructure plan and more, the recent movement towards greater devolution will put greater powers into the hands of our Mayor.

The upcoming Mayoral elections will see a newly elected leader taking the helm. As a Royal chartered institution with a public interest mandate, we have a duty to provide our professional advice to the future leaders of London to ensure a vibrant and sustainable property sector that meets the needs of our society as a whole.

Vision for London

As an extension of our Property in Politics work, which aims to sustain a conversation between property professionals and policymakers, we present our ‘Vision for London'. 

This highlights key challenges in our city and provides solutions and recommendations that the next Mayor of London can depend on: housing, planning, infrastructure, growth and strategic recommendations on skills, capacity and coordination.


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