An all-island Impact: Sinn Féin's manifesto

Dr Patrice Cairns

Policy Manager, Northern Ireland (RICS)

Unsurprisingly, Sinn Féin's manifesto focuses heavily on Brexit and the border, with a strong emphasis on mitigating against the effects of Brexit on Northern Ireland, but with scarce mention of specifics affecting land, property and construction.

Town Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Their manifesto repeatedly calls for "the North to be designated special status within the EU", underpinned by ramifications to the Good Friday Agreement — a headline call of Sinn Féin to date.

The decision to leave the EU has left a great deal of uncertainty in terms of economic stability for the all-island economy. We have called for a future NI Executive to put forward a Northern Ireland-specific case, much like the Scottish and Welsh Government, focusing in part on the need to maintain the strong economic and social connections with the Republic of Ireland.

All-island strategy

Sinn Féin put forward their call for "a pro-active, detailed strategy to deal with the special and unique circumstances faced by the island of Ireland", and we would like to see such a strategy effectively address solutions and opportunities across the land, property and construction sectors. We welcome the call to ensure EU energy and infrastructure programmes "look at the needs of the island of Ireland as a whole", and ask that prioritisation on a multi-benefit basis is given with consideration for the wider UK impact.

Brexit implications on further EU funding opportunities, including research programmes, such as Horizon 2020 and student support, are highlighted in tandem with the movement and recognition of skills and qualifications. Sinn Féin further reinstate their long-standing support for SME’s and export-led growth in driving a prosperous economy, attracting foreign direct investment and maintaining a skills base.

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