Women of the Future Awards: And the winner is…

Gillian Charlesworth

Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs (RICS)

We are excited to announce that at last night’s awards ceremony, Arcadis Associate Bryony Day MRICS won our sponsored award in Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction. Congratulations to Bryony and all the other women who won on the night, along with all those who were nominated — you are all women of the future.

Women of the Future Awards

After a day of talks and panel discussions at the Women of the Future Summit around the role of power and technology, there was an evening of celebration with a star-studded lineup of award presenters, including the award's patron Cherie Blaire CBE.

Lessons to be learned

Aviva Group Chief Executive Officer Mark Wilson gave an empowering opening speech. He explained how his female mentor and mentees have broadened his business acumen and shared three learnings from his own experience that he believes everyone can learn from:

  • Take on hard-to-solve roles and responsibilities that challenge you everyday.
  • Build close networks with both men and women.
  • Don’t fit into a man’s world; make it your world and be yourself.

He ended his speech with a powerful sentence lifted from Hillary Clinton’s recent concession speech.

...and to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

Never be scared of self-promotion

Bryony explained how shocked and proud she was to win her award, especially as she nominated herself. She thanked all her colleagues, mentors and friends for their support, without which she would never have had the confidence to self-nominate. Bryony believes that women do not self-promote enough and that no one should be afraid to do so — you never know where it may lead.

Rising star

The youngest winner of the evening, Nusrath Hassan, took home the Women of the Future: Young Star Award, and showed everyone that you can still be influential regardless of your age. She won the award due to her work hosting Michelle Obama’s visit to Mulberry School for Girls in 2015, which launched the campaign ‘Let girls learn’. Nusrath reminded us all to work against stereotypes and to “be proud of the women we are and to be a woman we would be proud to be”.

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