A welcome ambition: Cardiff's Local Development Plan

David Morgan

Policy Manager (RICS)

The approval of the Cardiff Local Development Plan (LDP) is a major step in the future development of Wales' capital city.

However, with nearly two decades having passed since the approval of the last plan, it also clearly demonstrates the inertia that has recently entered the whole planning system in Wales. It is hoped that, as the planning act for Wales is implemented, this will be addressed and that Wales receives the careful long-term development planning it requires.

Closer partnerships and addressing housing

Cardiff's population is projected to expand from 320,000 to 400,000 in the not-too-distant future, with 41,400 new homes to be built by 2026, and 12,200 having already been built. As ever, the detail will be key to this implementation, in particular the partnership between planners and developers.

In principle though, it's welcomed as a statement of ambition to address the housing shortage, not just in Cardiff but across Wales. We urge Cardiff Council to engage with Welsh Government on the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan as a priority, both to co-ordinate and examine how the plan will be used to address the major infrastructure needs for the City.

Finally, we ask Welsh Government to examine how Cardiff's LDP, and indeed LDPs across Wales, can be used to support plans for apprenticeships, to ensure Wales builds a strong skills pipeline to support the construction industry, as well as the health of the wider Welsh economy for the long-term.

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