BCIS breakdown of recently analysed projects

Of the most recent projects* analysed by BCIS and published on the BCIS online service, 42% were for private clients and 58% for the public sector.

Architectural Interior

The basic form of construction of these buildings comprised:

  • steel 37%
  • concrete 7%
  • brickwork 37%
  • timber 18%
  • offsite 1%

The analysis of the projects by function is shown in the pie chart.

Recent analyses published on BCIS online


BCIS is constantly striving to expand the number and range of projects on the database. The expert team can prepare cost analyses on most types of contracts and from information provided in a range of formats.

BCIS online is an industry repository for building project costs analysed elementally. It provides clients, consultants and contractors secure online access to their project data. The analyses can be prepared from contract documents used in most procurement routes for example:

Procurement route Required Needed Optional
Design and Build Contract Sum Analysis Employers' Requirements or Contractors' Proposals Drawings
Spec and Drawings Contract Sum Analysis Specification Drawings
Traditional BQ   Drawings
Target Cost Target Cost Breakdown Specification Drawings
All projects require gross internal floor area, date on which the costs were agreed and location if not included in the supplied documents.

 If you would like to talk to BCIS about analysing your project data, please contact Metin Mustafa on +44 (0)20 7695 1518 or email the BCIS data team.

*based on the latest 288 projects by date of tender

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