RICS’ Data Services team has been appointed by the European Commission, the Directorate General for Energy, to maintain and update the EU Building Stock Observatory.

The aim of the project is to improve the monitoring of the energy performance of the built stock across 28 EU Member States and contribute to providing measurable data and evidence on the progress towards reaching both EU and national policy objectives regarding energy efficiency in buildings.

The project will allow for a better understanding of the impact and effectiveness of policy measures while also providing measurable evidence on the progress towards reaching agreed climate change goals.

The EU Building Stock Observatory tracks many different aspects of energy performance including:

  • energy efficiency levels in buildings in individual EU countries and the EU as a whole
  • different certification schemes and how they are implemented
  • financing available for renovating buildings; and
  • energy poverty levels across the EU.

Our role on this project is to provide relevant, objective and independent data to facilitate measurement and represents a considerable opportunity for RICS to support the profession. This work builds on our strong credentials in driving the sustainability agenda in the built environment.

This is an exciting project for RICS to be part of and I am delighted that we are able to use our expertise and independence to support this important agenda.
This appointment is recognition of our extensive expertise and experience in the sustainability area and our insight into the fundamentals of construction activity. The project will offer us the invaluable opportunity to build on our existing knowledge in this field, help with the adoption of standards and add value to a key client for our organisation.

We will be leading a consortium of suppliers (BCIS, BSRIA and Luxoft) working with government, construction and energy efficiency stakeholders.

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