Nominate yourself, or vote for those fellow professionals who have already put themselves forward, and help to ensure that our Governing Council is vibrant and representative.

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What does Governing Council do?

Governing Council sets the vision and strategy for a strong and successful profession. In doing so, it recognises that the profession is central to building and shaping the world around us for future generations and it has recently set out our ambitious strategy which is “through our credential and our professional standards we will create confidence in markets and be known for affecting positive change in the built and natural environments."

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As part of preparing for this future, Governing Council has reviewed its own role and structure to ensure that the profession has the appropriate leadership and governance it needs to meet this challenge.

The election for UK seats

32 candidates have been nominated for the 17 available Governing Council seats open to UK-based professionals. 

Voting is now open for these seats

The election for strategic seats

In addition to the 17 UK seats, nominations are now open for six 'strategic seats'. These will be filled by individuals from the profession with expertise and insight into:

  • research and development
  • academia/education
  • land
  • capital markets and valuation
  • urbanisation and planning
  • residential.

Nominations for these seats close on 9 November 2017 with voting taking place during December. 

Please note that a professional may not stand for election for more than one place on Governing Council.

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What does the role require?

Members from across professional disciplines are needed to ensure a range of professional experience and perspectives, whether recently qualified or with 30+ years’ experience. We are looking in particular for professionals who can demonstrate enthusiasm, ambition and a global outlook as well as:

  • Knowledge and experience of setting strategy with demonstrable positive outcomes.
  • Ability to oversee, and where necessary, challenge progress towards achieving that strategy.
  • Understanding of effective corporate governance, in particular the management of risks.
  • Ability to ensure that RICS is managed with integrity, probity and sound judgement.

Commitment required

Governing Council meets twice a year in strategically important markets worldwide. It holds one meeting to discuss strategy alongside the World Built Environment Forum and another meeting to exercise oversight and assurance. The annual time commitment is approximately 10 days, including travel.

Business between meetings is conducted through a virtual community forum.

Terms of office

The term of office for the successful candidates in the 17 UK seats will begin on 8 November 2017 and will finish in March 2019. There will be the possibility of re-election up to a maximum of six years service in total on Governing Council.

The term of office for the successful candidates in the six 'strategic seats' will begin on 1 January 2018. They will have appointment terms of up to a maximum of four years per term with a maximum of six years service in total on Governing Council.

Composition of the new Transitionary Governing Council from 8 November 2017

There will be 34 seats in total.

23 of the 34 seats will be elected. There will be 17 UK seats and six 'strategic seats'.

In addition, there will be nine nominated seats covering different markets and two seats for the President and President-Elect.

Further supporting information and documents are available as downloads on the voting website.

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