Developing the National Development Framework for Wales

David Morgan

Policy Manager (RICS)

Our professionals in North Wales last week joined with our partners in ICE to assist the Welsh Government team developing the National Development Framework for Wales, with a roundtable held at the Welsh Government Offices in Llandudno Junction.


A stimulating debate was held over the proposed 20 year plan. Topics covered:

  • future trends such as population
  • climate change and land use
  • emerging technology such as broadband, and
  • the approaches that could be taken to develop the plan

The plan

The plan is in large part a successor to the relatively short lived Wales spatial plan of 2008. Like that it is intended to a hugely important guiding force in planning for Wales for decades.

Although not due for finalisation for some years, the importance of our professionals being able to feed in at an early stage to such an important document that will shape to how the planning system in Wales operates, was clearly appreciated by the strength of engagement from those present.

In holding the event jointly with ICE, we also strengthened a long standing and positive relationship with a major external stakeholder, but also provided a good opportunity for cross professional networking for professionals present.

The event formed part of what is a multi-year program by Welsh Government to develop the National Development Framework, and thanks has already been expressed by Welsh Government for our support. We will continue to work closely with Welsh Government and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible NDF for Wales.

Comments (1)

  1. I raised the queries previously:
    1. How far will this exercise take into account the considerable work put into the Wales Spatial Plan.
    2. How will the exercise match with the Future Generations legislation.

    John Harper John Harper, 16 November at 18:57PM

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