The proportion of projects submitted to BCIS that were let on design and build contracts rose from 28% to 58% over the past 10 years, reflecting the changes in procurement in the industry.

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Keeping the BCIS database current is important for subscribers and BCIS would like to thank everyone who submitted cost data in 2017. To maintain and improve their services, it is paramount that all subscribers and their clients send recently awarded project information on a regular basis. In most cases all that is needed is the contract pricing document (contract sum analysis, target cost, bill of quantities, etc.).

As part of RICS, BCIS assures that data remains confidential until permission to publish as a cost analysis is given or to use the data anonymously in various studies.

The submission of project cost data could not be safer and easier, it simply involves clicking on the ‘Submit your data’ button in the top right-hand corner of the BCIS Online home page and following the instructions on screen.

Non-subscribers can simply scan their documentation and send it to the BCIS Data Delivery team.

BCIS Benchmark Report

For every project used to produce an elemental or group elemental cost analysis, a BCIS Benchmark Report is also produced, which will be sent free of charge on approval of the draft analysis.

At the time of purchase, all BCIS subscribers are prompted to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, which state that it is a reciprocal service, and that by subscribing to BCIS they agree to submit cost data if they are involved in the tendering process.

If you have any queries, please contact the Data Delivery Team on 020 7695 1700 or by email.

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