Proptech and its position and impact on surveying
Proptech and its position and impact on surveying

Louise Weale

Licensing Manager and Tech Affiliate Programme Lead (RICS)

It's clear that no part of our industry will be unaffected by the technological changes we're seeing across the sector.


All around there are calls for the profession to modernise and to embrace technology or face the alternative, obsolescence.

But what are the challenges and opportunities facing professionals making an increased strategic investment in technology, and is the sector really ready for wholesale adoption?

RICS worked with Trident Building Consultancy, GoReport, and Teesside University to pull together a survey of the profession looking at where it is on the technology adoption journey.

Headline figures

The headline findings were presented by Anthony Walker, Director at Trident and Chair of the RICS Building Surveying Professional Group Board at the RICS Building Surveying Conference.

Whilst 92% of respondents thought Proptech would have a positive impact on the industry, only 40% thought that they had a good understanding of the technologies or the skills to fully embrace Proptech.

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