Day one at MIPIM saw RICS explain how we are leading the debate on the future of the industry on a global scale. Here’s a round-up from the first day.

John Hughes MIPIM

MIPIM is the perfect platform for RICS to demonstrate to a wider audience of professionals, investors, occupiers, and policy makers the importance of fostering collaboration and dialogue to shape the future of an industry that represents so much for society.

To do so, RICS and our President, John Hugues FRICS, have extended an invitation to senior leaders of the industry to join a unique international network, the World Built Environment Forum, to debate future challenges and innovative solutions. A forum to connect people and discover tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges together.

Technological transformation

One of these challenges for the industry discussed by thought leaders participating in the World Built Environment Forum is the rapid technological transformation that our sector is facing.

That’s why, on day one we officially launched our Technology Affiliate Programme.

To unlock the great potential and help professionals adapt to the “fourth Industrial Revolution” our aim is to connect the tech industry with the real estate to learn from each other. The Affiliate Programme promote those innovative companies who want to join our sector and advance our profession, and adapt our skills to new customers demand. We are also producing several insight papers to inform about the impact and give recommendations to the industry in those areas that require standards.

The Future of valuation

During the day, one of our top ambassadors on valuation, Javier Kindelan FRICS, chair of RICS' professional group on valuation in Spain, explained how the organisation is looking at the future of certain professions, like the profession of property valuers to describe how the role is changing and which skills will be required.

Javier explained that new technologies such as the Internet of Things, automation and blockchain, are seen as an enabler of transparency and efficiency, offering great quantity and quality of data to clients. But at the same time, this will certainly impact the role of the valuer, from “technical to a more sophisticated advisory role, or an interpreter of data.”

Another way to take advantage of the digital revolution is supporting great Proptech initiatives. For example, RICS has met at MIPIM with Union Invest to discuss how to reward new innovation and talent by supporting the International Proptech Innovation Award.

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