We have been working with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) on the Estates Professional Service framework, and are pleased to announce that the process of awarding this has now been completed.

A gatehouse in the West Midlands

RICS and CCS have been working together to ensure that RICS-regulated firms, especially those within the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, had the opportunity to bid for the framework. CCS has attempted to do this by making the procurement process as transparent and accessible to the SME sector as possible. Meanwhile, RICS have contributed by offering advice on the services that Regulated Firms can offer, and by promoting the framework opportunity amongst these firms.

What this means for SMEs

CCS has provided support and guidance to estates professionals that want to become government suppliers. Inclusion on the framework agreement will help them to develop relationships across the government and public sector organisations, such as the NHS and police. Previously these firms may have not have had access to, or communication with, these organisations.

CCS understand the importance of chartered surveyors, who help to maintain the highest professional standards across the industry. For this reason, they specified that they expect any firms bidding for work through the framework to be regulated by RICS.

About the framework

The Estates Professional Services Framework Agreement replaces the previous Framework Agreement awarded by CCS and offers a mix of 34 national suppliers and local expertise across four lots, with 35% of Suppliers being SME’s.

The scope of services within the framework has been designed to provide all central government departments, devolved administrations and wider public sector bodies with a simplified means of sourcing estate related services to support the delivery of a suite of property requirements and projects through a range of lots and panels.

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