RICS Strategic Facilities Management Case Studies

Paul Bagust

Global Property Standards Director (RICS)

In a competitive, global business environment, it is increasingly recognised that facilities management (FM) has a strategic role to play in the experience of the end user of buildings and facilities, and ultimately the success of the organisations operating from them.

Strategic Facilities Management

In this fourth edition of RICS case studies we review a diverse range of stories across both the public and private sector and from around the globe.

The important message that permeates all of these case studies is that facilities management needs to have a place at the heart of an organisation and be fully embedded and absolutely focused on delivering the mission and vision for that business.

While each of these case studies looks at a unique business each of them demonstrate how FM can achieve real strategic alignment with other parts of an organisation to add value. This series of case studies which launched at RICS covers a fascinating range of strategic FM issues including:

  • National Museums of Liverpool: How an FM provider has helped maintain environmental controls.
  • Security at Harrow International School, Bangkok.
  • Chesterfield Borough Council and Kier: Utilising FM to self fund services.
  • EMC: A “one team” approach for FM excellence.
  • Delivering integrated preventive guest room maintenance at Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford.
  • Pan Am Games: How a public/private partnership delivered the world’s  3rd largest multi-sport games.

If you would like to receive more information on RICS FM activity please contact me directly at pbagust@rics.org 

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