Our regular survey of the profession is now open and we welcome your views on our current performance and future priorities.

We listen to your opinions and suggestions to help us continually improve in line with what you have told us.

The survey is now shorter – taking only around 10 minutes to complete. It seeks your comments on what is important to you and covers topics directly related to the achievement of Governing Council’s vision for the profession.

We would like to hear what you have to say and invite you to take part in this survey.

What did we discover from the last survey?

Our latest six-monthly survey of the profession (July 2017) shows that pride amongst the profession remains very high at 89%, with the profession retaining high levels of confidence in RICS’ self-regulation at 83%.

Across a range of measures there are differences across generations. Younger members of the profession expressed higher levels of satisfaction and agreement than those born before 1980.


How to get involved

We encourage all RICS professionals who have been sent an email invitation to take part.

Unfortunately, if you responded to the previous survey in July 2017, you won’t be offered the opportunity to get involved this time around.

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