Channel 4 has today announced the commission of an exciting new series, 'Great British Buildings: Restoration of the Year', from Chocolate Media. The series features projects entered into the RICS Awards and the series will be made in collaboration with RICS, who will judge the projects. The first episode will air on Thursday 23 March at 8pm.

Every year millions of pounds are raised to save extraordinary historic buildings — restorations which the public often help fund. Restoring these national heirlooms is work on a truly grand scale.

Each of these buildings is a labour of love, craftsmanship, time and money. From castles to cottages, forts to follies, music halls to watermills; every year historic British buildings are saved and lovingly restored by a surprising range of people, including chartered surveyors, project managers, architects and structural engineers.

Restoration of The Year

Channel 4’s 'Great British Buildings: Restoration of The Year' will be presented by Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) with historian Dr Anna Keay, Director of the Landmark Trust (Restoring Britain’s Landmarks). They will be joined by Historic Building Surveyor Marianne Suhr and Architectural Historian Jonathan Foyle as they explore and reveal the significance of each historic building.

This new series will go behind-the-scenes of a host of multi-million pound projects, revealing to viewers the bespoke building techniques and incredible skills deployed in each incredible transformation. The series will be made in collaboration with the RICS, who will shortlist and judge the projects.
Each episode represents an historical era and features the very best restorations for that period. At the end of each programme, the projects that have made it onto the final shortlist are revealed by the RICS judges. In the final episode, the judges will award one project the title of Restoration of The Year.

About the series

The series was commissioned by Alex Menzies for Channel 4. It will be executive produced by Alan Brown for Chocolate Media and the series producer is Emma Vulliamy. The series will be distributed by NBCUniversal International Distribution.

Together the buildings that make up the Restoration of the Year shortlist tell a fascinating story of the UK's past at its most ambitious, intriguing, hard-working and creative. To be able to champion the master craftspeople, dedicated individuals and institutions teams who are protected this slice of the nation’s heritage is a real treat.
The sheer scale of the projects on this list is on another level to anything we have seen before in restoration programmes. I’m delighted to work with Dr Keay again and to have Kevin McCloud on the series is a great reflection on the quality of our work.

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  1. The view from RICS

    We are delighted to be part of Restoration of the Year. The projects are fantastic and it’s a rare opportunity for the public to see what the roles of the varying members of the restoration teams, including Chartered Surveyors, are behind the scenes. A great deal of technical expertise is involved. The judges, both experienced RICS professionals, are experts in their field and the winning project will certainly be more than worthy of their new accolade.

    Matthew Howell

    Matthew Howell, RICS Managing Director for UK & Ireland 24 February at 13:35PM

  1. Well done!

    Joem Baldesco Joem Baldesco, 17 March at 23:13PM

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