We have been awarded the Fairplace Award, a prestigious ethical workplace accreditation run by leading UK property charity, the Ethical Property Foundation.

Notable activity across the year

  • Agreement with suppliers of staff employed to manage the workplace (ie cleaners, security and waiting staff) that they will be paid the London living wage or living wage as stated by the Living Wage Foundation.
  • We have policies in place, targets and monitoring of our GHG emissions/carbon footprint, to increase the recycling of waste year on year for both offices.
  • Strong culture and policies promoting diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.
  • Staff are provided a team volunteering day per year.
  • Staff raised £15,000 for our world walk for water (2015) for WaterAid.
This award is a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to maintain and support a positive working environment for staff, members and suppliers. It ensures company values remain at the heart of our organisation; we hope to implement this success across other UK offices — a very well done to all involved upon achieving this success.

Future aspirations

This award has highlighted the need to improve the structures with which we monitor the impact of our work. In the coming months, we will work to improve the provision of our facilities to the local communities and charity groups, and to increase the use of energy in our buildings from renewable sources.

All proceeds from the Fairplace Award support the charitable work of the Ethical Property Foundation, which provides property advice to charities and community groups. The Foundation is the preferred supplier of land and property advice to the Charity Commission.

RICS has exhibited the key ingredients to achieve this awad. Specifically, the London and Coventry offices showcased practicality and accessibility contributing to the overall wellbeing of employees. The evidence of cooperative working to improve sustainability and measures to impact the planet and community were also presented at an exemplary standard. We are looking forward to once again working with the RICS Facilities team in the New Year.

About the Fairplace Award

The Fairplace Award, developed in partnership with the property industry, allows businesses to demonstrate practical commitment to their staff, the local community and the planet. RICS in Parliament Square and the Surveyor Court building at Westwood Business Park in Coventry are the latest to receive this new award, which is fast gaining respect across the property industry.

Fairplace has to date been awarded to Sodexo plc, Kingston University, leading aid charity CAFOD, property developers  Foundation Property & Capital and RBS for its 15,400 sqm offices in Southend Essex.

At a time when businesses must demonstrate they are part of wider society, Fairplace is a comprehensive accreditation which aligns good ethics with best practice across finance, procurement, HR, and facilities management as part of core business planning.

Comments (2)

  1. The view from RICS

    This award builds upon the recognition RICS has achieved through its 3-star rating under the Best Companies Award and its ISO 50001 energy management certification. The achievement of this accreditation also provides independent recognition of our core values as an ethical and environmentally responsible organisation.

    Sean Tompkins

    Sean Tompkins, RICS Chief Executive Officer 13 December at 15:06PM

  1. This marks a very significant change of thinking from traditional facilities management to a more holistic workplace management and should be something all staff at and members of RICS should be proud of.

    David Inman David Inman, 9 February at 08:43AM

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