Hong Kong is seen by many as a modern, bustling city that is proud to be one of the world’s leading centres of finance. However, like other cities across the globe, Hong Kong is seeking to actively develop its tech sector and ensure a dynamic and diverse approach to commerce.

Cyberport is key to this forward-thinking vision. Set on a 24 hectare site at Telegraph Bay, Cyberport is the flagship, state of the art facility for the territory’s digital tech industry. The site comprises a multi-element campus of approximately 1.9 million sq. feet, including office, retail, hotels and parkland.

Cyberport is focused on building key clusters of digital technology, namely FinTech, eCommerce, IoT/Wearables and Big Data/AI to foster the development of Hong Kong into a “Smart City”.

Mark Clift FRICS joined Cyberport in 2003 as Chief Operating Officer, leading a team of professionals to establish it as an innovative and creative digital and tech hub for Hong Kong and the wider region.

One of the key achievements of Cyberport is the role it has played in the facilitation of technology start-ups. In 2009, Mark pioneered the opening of the first Smart-Space facility in Hong Kong; this is credited as being the city’s first co-working space.

Under Mark’s outstanding management, Cyberport grew into a vibrant innovation ecosystem, connecting technology companies and talents in Hong Kong, the East Asia region and globally.

Mark’s long-term commitment and professional approach was based on RICS standards, ethics and practice. His setting of high standards played a huge role in the success of Cyberport and, by extension, the success of the growing digital industry in Hong Kong.  Mark sadly passed away in July 2017, but his contribution to the economic development of Hong Kong and the tech sector will have a hugely beneficial impact on local lives for many years to come.

Cyberport is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

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