The government has released details of the new Apprenticeship Levy in spring 2017, which requires all UK employers (with salaries over £3 million) to invest in apprenticeships. Funds generated by the Levy will be made available from May 2017 to all English firms to help fund new Trailblazer apprentices.

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We see apprenticeships as an important way to widen pathways into our profession. Apprenticeships mean those who learn better through part-time study and direct application of knowledge are supported from enrolment through to qualification, without incurring study or tuition fees. This enables businesses to attract a more diverse range of talented people to become surveying professionals.

We’ve been working with employers and the Government to create professional "trailblazer" apprenticeships in surveying, which combine working in the profession, studying for a diploma in surveying or RICS-accredited degree, and taking your Associate or APC assessment.

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Surveying apprenticeships — what’s available

A Surveying Technician level 3 apprenticeship and a Chartered Surveyor level 6 degree apprenticeship have been approved by the Department for Education and are ready for delivery.

Associate assessment is the end-point for the Surveying Technician apprenticeship and the APC is the end-point for the Chartered Surveyor degree apprenticeship.

These apprenticeships cover the following areas of practice:

  • Building surveying
  • Commercial property
  • Land (level 3 only)
  • Minerals and waste management (level 6 only)
  • Planning and development
  • Project management
  • Residential property
  • Rural (level 6 only)
  • Valuation
  • Quantity surveying

We are looking to add more areas of practice and we are working with more employers, universities and government to develop other apprenticeships leading to RICS qualifications. Details will be available on this webpage when these are approved, but for current details of other apprenticeships we are involved with, download the Q&A’s on the right-hand side.

Apprenticeship levy — only big businesses pay

From 6 April 2017, all UK employers who have an annual "pay bill" of more than £3 million (less than 2% of UK employers) will be required to pay 0.5% of their annual pay bill as an apprenticeship levy.

Levy-paying employers will have £15,000 to offset against the Levy each year and the levy will be paid to HMRC via PAYE. For construction firms already paying the CITB levy, they are working with these employers on a temporary transition package.

Employers with an annual pay bill of less than £3 million will not pay the levy.

Funding for apprenticeships — who and what is eligible

All businesses will get 90% of funding for an apprentice’s training, assessment and certification, either from their own levy payments or from government funding — some small businesses could get 100%.

Only apprentices whose workplace (where they spend 50% or more of their time) is in England will be funded under this system. To be eligible for funding, the individual must either be training to a higher level of qualification or they can re-train to an equivalent or lower level, providing the apprenticeship is in a different area and giving them substantive new skills.

Estimate how much your organisation will have to spend on apprenticeships

For details of how to advertise for apprentices and other areas of support for employers, please use the National Apprenticeship Service.

Find an approved training provider

A list of all approved training providers is available on the Government's website.

Alternatively, you can search via specific "apprenticeship standards":

More providers will be added when they are approved.

Does your firm already have an apprenticeship scheme?

If you currently have an apprenticeship scheme, please get in touch with us on; we are looking to create a tool which pulls together all schemes in one place.

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