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RICS Matrics was created to look after the interests of members entering or not long in the profession of surveying. It believes in the ability to shape the future.

For this, it provides:

  • A network, support and voice for its members
  • A source of vigour for the surveying profession

RICS Matrics is youthful, forward thinking, challenging, nurturing, vibrant, and enables its members to grow and feel like an integral part of the wider RICS. As such RICS Matrics is the lifeblood of the surveying profession.

RICS Matrics has much to offer students, trainees and those newly qualified. However, its continued success relies on members getting involved and sharing their views. 

  • What do you want from the organisation?
  • What benefits would you value?
  • What added benefit would your employer see of value?
  • What personal development needs do you have?
  • Where is the future of surveying?

You may simply be interested in getting involved in order to plan social events and sporting activities for fun and friendships! There really is something for everyone.

There are over 40 local RICS Matrics groups – all keen to welcome new members, new ideas and fresh input.

Alternatively, if you are unable to get involved locally but wish to share your views on some of the themes below with the RICS Matrics UK team:

  • APC Support – what works?  What is needed?
  • Engagement and adding value to membership
  • Employers – support and benefit
  • Raising the profile of surveying, promotions and communications

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you choose to get involved and make the most of every opportunity.

t +44(0)20 7334 3794
e matrics@rics.org

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