Peter Folwell at digital mapping company Plowman Craven describes his experiences on working on the lastest Bond film.

When I was younger I wanted a career that would give me lots of variety and would see me out and about – not confined to the office environment. Completing a Surveying and Mapping degree at what is now the University of East London, I quickly moved into the field of Geomatics. Having been sent to Hadrian’s Wall and the Accession Islands for my first two assignments, I soon realised that I’d found a career I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

After many years in the sector, my current role sees me as the Business Development Director for a specialist Geomatics company called Plowman Craven – a company I’ve had a 30 years association with. The reason I’ve been at the company for so many years is as a result of the exciting and ground breaking work we do. We can be measuring historic castles or palaces one minute and then, the next, working on the underground or iconic commercial buildings.

Although surveying and film production may not sound like industries that go hand in hand, modern film making actually relies a lot on the accurate measurement of sets, locations, props and people, in order create impressive CGI animations and special effects.

Myself and the team have been involved in a number of Hollywood blockbusters over the years including the James Bond film Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and, most recently, X Men. Working with the film industry has also seen a number of our staff members regularly travelling overseas for a prolonged period of time to work on location – something which continues to appeal to me.

Plowman Craven is an RICS-accredited company which employs a number of chartered surveyors. The RICS qualification is highly respected and I am currently working towards that through the Senior Professional Route.

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