How can I subscribe / renew my membership to the CPD Foundation?

Select the add license option, under “Active Subscriptions” in the product subscriptions  page. 

How will I manage my group subscription? 

If you manage a group subscription you can view your registered user and add and remove subscribers online - go to product subscriptions.

What do I get for my subscription fee?

See here

Is this Formal CPD?

Yes, all of the seminars and On Demand content can qualify as one hour of formal CPD for RICS purposes. 

How long will my subscription last?

The subscription is on ‘rolling’ year basis – for example if you join on 2 February you will have access until the following 1 February.

Is the fee payable in one go?

Yes, the fee is paid in one go at the start of your subscription and we need to receive your payment before access to the website is granted.

What happens once I have subscribed / renewed?

On paying for your subscription, you will be able to:

  • Add colleagues to membership, if you’ve selected a package for more than one subscriber
  • Book seminars
  • View recordings of a selection of seminars (on-demand content)
  • Access presentation handouts
  • If you purchased a group subscription you will be able to view and register new users

How can I book seminars as part of my subscription?

Once you’re logged in, select the CPD Foundation seminars you'd like to attend. As you've registered as a current subscriber, you'll be able to book for free, although you may see a price initially.

Where are the On Demand seminars?

The archive of selected seminars is available for subscribers only to view on the On Demand page 

If you have any further questions, please contact, 020 7695 1600