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Building Surveying Series: Right to Light

Distance learning Online, 31 May 2017

Are you an existing Building Surveyor looking to expand your knowledge of Right to Light in order to determine whether the right to light is being affected, and what can be done about it? If so, this course will give you a more thorough knowledge base of environment and sustainability issues, planning daylight rights, and legal requirements.

Just over half the room in homes and about half the room in commercial buildings should be lit by natural light, and the right to light is protected under common law, adverse possession. and in England and Wales by the Prescription Act 1832.

Assess mathematical calculations used to determine whether or not a development causes an infringement and detail the usual remedies available for breach of a right of light, including injunction and damages.
The course builds on professional practice knowledge and application and helps you to:

  • Gain a working knowledge of Right to Light
  • Take first steps to changing specialisms, or adding a new one to your practice
  • Start progressing your career from a generalist to a specialist

The course provides core knowledge of right to light and applicable skills to gain the practical experience required to become fluent in the practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Building Surveyors who want to gain a deeper understanding of the necessary specialist knowledge.

Why attend?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the law around Right to Light
  • Establish the client’s brief, within the legal framework and methodologies for assessing light
  • Prepare preliminary reports and information gathering
  • Undertake measurements and technical analyses
  • Detail remedies and strategies for dealing with Right to Light

Course Structure

A one month course uses a blended style of online study, including:

  • Elearning sessions
  • Reading material
  • Case study
  • Discussion forum
  • Live web class

At the end of each specialism course, you will be assessed through an online test hosted by the RICS Online Academy.

Price Excl. VAT

£295.00 for RICS members

£395.00 for non-members

Training: Building Surveying Series